South Floridians topping off fuel tanks ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Residents also stocking up on water, canned goods

DAVIE, Fla. – People in South Florida were topping off their fuel tanks Thursday as Hurricane Dorian is expected to be a Category 4 storm when it makes landfall, possibly in Florida.

"It's mind boggling because nobody knows exactly where this storm is going," one customer said. 

"Just getting prepared," another customer said. "Gotta be prepared."

A Costco on South University Drive was a hot spot Thursday for people looking for gas.

"We had an hour wait out there on Perimeter Road just to get in here," one woman said.  

Officers were seen directing traffic as lines stretched to State Road 84.

"They're making it real nice," one driver said. "They have it all blocked off so it's not a chaotic event."

Most people who spoke with Local 10 News reporter Parker Branton said they are preparing now, while others said they are keeping an eye out on Dorian's track and hope for the best.

"I just look in the news and see the course, but (I'm) not worried yet," one woman said. 

"I'm hoping it goes up the coast and stays off the mainland, but can't be too safe this day and age," another woman said. 

South Florida residents were also heading to stores like Home Depot and Publix Thursday to stock up on other necessary supplies, including bottled water and canned goods.

Many people said they weren't too worried about the storm, but feel it's always better to be prepared just in case. 

"I don't think it's going to be that bad. I think we're going to dodge a bullet," Hollywood resident Edward Maher said. "But it's good to have this food anyway, so we'll keep it around just in case."

"You have to be prepared. So the bottom line is buy all the stuff. If you don't eat it, donate it on Thanksgiving," Lourdes Nunez, also of Hollywood, said.  

There was also a mad rush Thursday morning at the Lowe's at the corner of University Drive and Pines Boulevard in Pembroke, but things calmed down early in the afternoon.

Employees said they expect things to pick up when people get off work and later this weekend.

They said Thursday morning they sold five pallets of water and seven pallets of charcoal.

The location was out of generators and propane at 1:30 p.m., but a new shipment was expected later in the afternoon. 

Employees said they have plenty of batteries, flashlights and tarps.

Many people were also buying 5-gallon buckets to fill up with water and those with generators were buying carbon monoxide detectors.


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