'Floridians need to be prepared' for Hurricane Dorian, DeSantis says

Governor urges residents to have 7-day supply of food, medicine, water

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday there is still time for residents to prepare for Hurricane Dorian.

"Floridians need to be prepared," DeSantis said during a news conference at the Florida Division of Emergency Management in Tallahassee. "You know, the bad news of the storm going slower is that that could potentially have some negative impacts once it reaches landfall, but you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so."

DeSantis urged Floridians to have at least seven days' worth of food, medicine and water.

"This is potentially a multi-day event where it would churn slowly across the state," DeSantis said. "That obviously creates a whole host of issues, but if you're in an area that has an impact from the storm, you should assume you're going to lose power. If you're in an area that flooded during Hurricane Irma and you're impacted by this, you should assume that you're going to see flooding again after this storm."

DeSantis also said the Florida Department of Transportation is monitoring the state's highways, which were clogged after Irma struck in 2017, but so far there is no major congestion.