Shoppers flock to stores days before Hurricane Dorian expected to hit Florida

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – Shoppers were flocking to stores again Friday as Hurricane Dorian is expected to be just days away from hitting Florida.

One woman lined up 45 minutes before doors opened at a Home Depot in North Miami so she could be the first customer inside.

"Two years ago, it was Maria. (For) Wilma, I came here at 5 o'clock in the morning and the line was around the building. I said, 'Not this year,'" Cece Serrie said.

When the clock hit 6 a.m., doors opened and people piled in, stocking up on plywood, generators and batteries.

"We always lose electricity, even with little winds," one woman said. 

One of the most popular items at the Home Depot was red gas cans, which lasted about 30 minutes after doors opened before the store ran out.

The Home Depot has been out of water since Thursday, which some customers were disappointed to find out Friday as they walked in.

"I just found out there's no water," one customer said. "I came for water and gas tanks. We waited to the last minute, so hopefully we can get something."


A Walmart in Hollywood also ran out of water by 5:30 a.m. Friday.

"We were lucky to get this water, honestly," one man said. "We were trying for gas earlier today. No more gas, no more gas, no more gas. So, just everything is looking a little barren right now."

The Walmart customer said he also stocked up on nonperishable items in case the power to his home goes out. 

Getting ready to board up their homes, South Floridians are hoping for the best. 

"I wasn't nervous, but I kind of am now since everyone is out of everything, and we didn't really prepare. So, we will see," one Home Depot customer said. 


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