Hurricane Dorian doesn't deter South Beach visitors

Group from Canada cutting trip early, but not everyone altering their plans

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – It was business as usual along bustling Ocean Drive early Saturday in South Beach.

OK, so it wasn't how a group visiting from Canada expected to spend their extended Labor Day weekend.

"We weren't sure what to do if we left Monday," one woman told Local 10 News reporter Saira Anwer as Hurricane Dorian poses a threat to Florida.

She won't be sticking around for Dorian.

"We tracked flights to see if there were any earlier flights going out, but all flights were booked," she said. "So they have a couple rescue flights and they're putting us on those."

Those who have weathered previous storms aren't panicking.

"It's just another rainy day," one man said.

"It ain't Miami without the hurricanes," a man tells Local 10 News reporter Saira Anwer as he parties on South Beach ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

If Dorian comes their way, he and his friends will deal with it.

"I was born into hurricanes," he said. "I'm from Miami-Dade County. It ain't Miami without the hurricanes."

Some Miami Beach locals told Anwer they have still prepared for the storm, but are optimistic.  

"Our houses are prepped, but we're not gonna get a direct hit, so we'll be here tomorrow and the next day," one resident said. "We hope everyone is safe and this thing turns out to sea and doesn't affect anyone."


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