Local 10's Jenise Fernandez reports live from eye of Hurricane Dorian

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas – With ferocious Hurricane Dorian beating down on the northern Bahamas, Local 10's Jenise Fernandez was able to report live from eye of the massive storm.

Fernandez and her photographer, Brian Ely, have been stationed in Marsh Harbour since Friday and were in place when Dorian made landfall Sunday afternoon.

Using a satellite phone, Fernandez was able to walk outside when the eye passed over at 1:30 p.m. 

"I've never seen anything like this," said Fernandez.

The hotel parking lot was completely underwater, according to Fernandez. After seeing the damage caused by the western part of the storm, she was could not comprehend how Marsh Harbour would withstand another beating from the other side.

While surveying the area, Fernandez and hotel staff could hear people screaming for help. The residents in distress were located and were given assistance.

Fernandez described the scene inside the hotel where the Local 10 crew is sheltering during the storm.

"The hallway, even on the second floor, sort of looks like a running river," said Fernandez. "So there's still a lot of water coming from different directions."

"There were definitely some moments when things were flying and we thought were going to fly through windows and we thought we weren't going to make it." 

The hotel's general manager, who has lived on the islands for long time, said he had never seen anything like the damage caused by the first half of Dorian.