Broward residents wait for Hurricane Dorian's wind gusts to ramp up

Broward residents wait for Dorian's wind gusts to ramp up

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Samer Barazi decided to keep his business open Monday night in Pompano Beach, as slow-moving Hurricane Dorian continued to beat the Bahamas. 

Barazi is the owner of Mora Grill, a restaurant that serves Syrian, Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes along East Atlantic Boulevard, near South Ocean Boulevard. 

"I was very worried about my business ... I wasn't sure what to do, but finally I decided to go for it and take the chance," Barazi said, adding that he was monitoring the storm's forecast. 

Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen decided to open three shelters -- including a pet-friendly shelter at Everglades High School. The Broward Sheriff's Office didn't order mandatory evacuations.

"It's for those people who feel uncomfortable being in their homes and they would prefer to stay in a shelter," Bogen said. "It's totally voluntary."

Barazi wasn't the only one taking a risk in Broward County.

Earlier in Deerfield Beach, the waves were fierce and surfers were out in full force. Deerfield Beach authorities were allowing surfing on the north side of the International Fishing Pier and the lifeguard tower

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