Cocoa Beach residents heed Hurricane Dorian's warnings

'I know what a storm of this size is capable of,' Cocoa Beach resident says

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Several outer rain bands tied to slow-moving Hurricane Dorian pushed through Florida's Space Coast, the 72-mile coastline known for its beaches and space-age attractions. 

Weather conditions in the Space Coast were deteriorating Monday night, and residents from the popular coastal community were rushing to leave. 

Cocoa Beach resident Josh Waser said he feared he and his family were already up against the clock. He considers himself a veteran of hurricanes. 

"I am originally from south Alabama and I have been through Katrina, Ivan, George and just about every major storm to hit the southeast," Waser said. 

He knew the storm's fury left at least five people dead, dozens injured and flooded homes in the Bahamas. Meteorologists warned the storm surge could be as high as 23 feet there. In Florida, Dorian's eye, which packs the highest winds, will stay off shore. 

That didn't appease Waser. 

"I know what a storm of this size is capable of," he said. 

To the west of Cocoa Beach, homes in low-lying areas border the Indian River, which has spilled its banks in past storms. During Hurricane Irma, homeowners suffered during the flooding. Residents set up sand bags in an effort to keep the water out. 

"Everyone is just doing the best they can to prepare for it," Waser said. 

Brevard County issued the evacuation order for Sunday. John Anderson, a National Guard official, said during a news conference that authorities were experiencing very little resistance to the evacuation orders. 

"People do understand that Dorian is nothing to mess around with," Anderson said. 


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