Getting relief supplies to Bahamas not as easy as some may think

'Everyone wants to get over there, but it's just not safe,' pilot says

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – In the days after Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas, there are relief drives everywhere.

South Floridians have been rushing to help the people of the Bahamas, thousands of whom will have to start over after the Category 5 storm destroyed their homes.

Aviation educator and pilot Barrington Irving was loading his plane with supplies Wednesday and getting clearance to fly them to those who need them, which is not an easy task. 

"Everyone wants to get over there, but it's just not safe," he said. 

At SeaHunter Boats, the boating community has been working overtime to get supplies ready to go. Logistics has also been a challenge.

"As far as I know, the airports are still closed and the shipping docks are still closed," Ralph Montalvo, of SeaHunter Boats, said. 

Montalvo said the supplies they've collected will be stored at a warehouse until they get clearance to go to the Bahamas. 

The government of the Bahamas, meanwhile, is still focusing on rescue and recovery missions with the help of the U.S. Coast Guard.

In the meantime, well-meaning folks eager to get supplies into the hardest hit areas must exercise patience.