Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line brings first responders to storm-ravaged islands, returns with evacuees

PALM BEACH, Fla. – A Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line ship returned Sunday morning following a successful humanitarian voyage from its home dock in the Port of Palm Beach to dock in Freeport, the Bahamas. 

The ship carried nearly 300 first responders, 200 volunteers and more than 150 pallets of much-needed supplies. 

It also brought home 200 Bahamian residents who became stranded in South Florida because of Hurricane Dorian.  

When the ship returned to South Florida, it was carrying more than 1,100 Bahamian residents who were evacuated due to the storm. 

While the ship was docked in Freeport, medical personnel visited different facilities to check on patients and administer aid when necessary, which included helping a pregnant woman give birth to a healthy little baby. 

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