3 tropical disturbances churning in Atlantic

All 3 likely to move in direction of Southeast US


We are watching three tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean. None are expected to develop quickly, but the overall weather pattern will move them in the direction of the Southeast U.S.

Disturbance No. 1 is a broad mess of clouds with an embedded swirl about 500 miles northeast of Puerto Rico. It's moving in the general direction of Florida. An upper-level low pressure system will create unfavorable upper-level winds on its approach, but as the two systems interact in the vicinity of the state late in the week, there will be some opportunity for the disturbance to develop a bit.  

The current weather pattern favors the system continuing into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend with a marginal environment for any development. But stay informed.

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Disturbances No. 2 and No. 3 may interact at some point. Both will move west, but it currently appears that No. 3 will move faster than No. 2. In any case, it appears the first moisture surge will reach the Caribbean islands late in the week. One or both of them will have to be watched for organization.

This week is the peak of hurricane season in terms of when we are most likely to have a named storm in the Atlantic. It's the point when, on average, the ocean temperatures and the atmospheric pattern line up to generate the most tropical storms and hurricanes.  

Be prepared and stay aware.

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