Boat that was once Coast Guard cutter heads to Bahamas packed with supplies

Local 10 News on Monday got a tour of a former U.S. Coast Guard cutter now stocked full of emergency supplies that is heading for the hardest-hit islands in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

MIAMI – Stocked full of emergency supplies, a former Coast Guard cutter is bound for the hardest-hit areas of the Bahamas. 

The ship, now called the John Paul DeJoria, is owned by a marine conservation outfit called Sea Shepherd.

There is hardly an inch to spare on the vessel, with supplies taking up nearly every available spot, including a couple of showers. 

"Our job to be effective is to go to the first place where [they] need help, make a splash, and then we go on to the next place," said Michael Capponi, with Global Empowerment Mission. 

In the engine room, it looks like there are walls of bottled water, food and supplies. 

On the bridge, there are boxes of medical supplies. 

In other areas there are other wanted items, such as pet food and supplies. 

"Our main mission at this stage is relief as soon as possible, so all the medical [supplies] and that sort of stuff," said Capt. Locky MacLean. "Once the decks are cleared, [we will be] using the stop to help transport people."

The boat is expected to make its first stop sometime Monday night. 

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