Bahamian man plans to rebuild after losing home and business in Hurricane Dorian

WELLINGTON, Fla. – Prior to Hurricane Dorian arriving in the Bahamas, local business owner Bill Albury, like so many others in the area, felt he was prepared as best he could.

Albury is a sixth-generation Bahamian and he says Dorian is the worst storm he's ever experienced. 

He made sure his restaurant, Snappas, in Marsh Harbour, was secure.  His home was boarded up with storm shutters, in addition to some hurricane impact windows. 

None of that was a match for Hurricane Dorian, though. 

Just as the eye wall came through the area, one of the windows in Albury's home popped out of its frame. 

Bill and his wife Victoria tried frantically to put the window up but they were unable to, and that's when things began to fall apart. 

They ran to a little hallway, not even able to grab their pets, and just started praying. 

The eye of the storm passing by turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it allowed them to grab their two dogs and two cats and run to a neighbor's house to ride out the rest of the storm. 

In the aftermath, their house literally crumbled apart and Snappas was completely gone, with nothing left but debris where the restaurant once stood. 

Positive and resilient, Bill is anxious to return to the island and start the rebuilding process. 

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