South Florida temps expected to drop into the 40s overnight


MIAMI – Monday night and Tuesday morning will bring the coldest temperatures South Florida has experienced so far this season.

Low temperatures will bottom out around 50 near the beaches, but those further from the coast will likely see upper 40s by around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. This is roughly 15 degrees colder than the “normal” low for early December.

So how rare is this? The answer is not very.

The current record is 37 degrees set in 1910, and we have zero chance of beating that. Just last year, we had six nights that were as cold or colder than what is forecast tonight.

Still, it is chilly for South Florida, and it will come with a northwest wind at 10-15 mph that will add to the bite. Temperatures are also low enough that Broward County has declared a 1-day Cold Emergency offering access to special cold shelters for homeless persons.

This is all in response to a potent winter storm system in the northeast. While tonight will be the coldest of the week, the cool weather will linger through the next several days.

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