A stormy weather pattern for South Florida, but tropics stay quiet

June 15 satellite image of the tropics.
June 15 satellite image of the tropics. (CIRA/NOAA)

A number of atmospheric factors are forecast to come together this week to create periods of heavy rain over South Florida, but tropical weather systems will play very little part. Upper-level disturbances will rotate around a stalled upper-level low pressure area over the Southeast U.S. As those disturbances move across the Florida peninsula, thunderstorm development will be enhanced.

There are other factors involved as well, including a continuous feed of tropical moisture into the area, and a weak disturbance moving east to west across the southern peninsula from the Atlantic.

The concern is for flooding from slow-moving thunderstorm complexes that can dump excessive amounts of rain in one part of town. Be aware of possible local flooding this week.

Otherwise, across the tropics, the atmospheric pattern continues to be unfavorable for tropical development. Saharan Dust covers the tropical Atlantic and will continue to spread west across the Caribbean and into the Gulf of Mexico. No development is expected this week.

To see the full forecast for this week in South Florida, click here.

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