Cell phone tips for hurricane preparation

Man in denim uses cell phone
Man in denim uses cell phone (WDIV)

MIAMI, Fla. – Tips from the CTIA, which represents the wireless communications industry, for how to make sure you are able to keep in communication.

  • Carry a spare cellphone charger and external charging device. Keep devices and chargers in a waterproof bag. Charge your batteries when a disaster or storm is approaching.
  • Confirm your device receives Wireless Emergency Alerts.
  • Download emergency apps including FEMA, AccuWeather, and Red Cross Emergency to help keep you updated as the situation unfolds. Make sure you can access travel and transportation apps in case you need to evacuate. If you don’t have a flashlight app built into your mobile phone, download one.
  • Download a weather app such as Local 10′s Max Tracker to keep up on the latest watches and warnings.
  • Save phone numbers and email addresses for police, fire, hospital, school, vet, and other emergency resources in your phone.
  • Take photos and/or videos of your property periodically to have available for insurance purposes. Back up your files to a secure storage space to ensure images and videos are saved separately from your device.