How to prepare for a hurricane in a high-rise

Special precautions to take when living in a high-rise building

MIAMI - Local 10 Meteorologist Scott Padgett invited viewers into his high-rise condo Wednesday night to show them how he uses the Local 10 Hurricane Survival Guide to make sure his home is ready for a possible visit from Tropical Storm Isaac.

"I printed out the Hurricane Survival Guide which we all know you can do on," Scott told Local 10's Baron James. "Because you know it's a really good source. Everything that you need to know, the supplies that you need, what your family needs to do."

Scott says that rule of storm preparedness applies to people who live in high-rise buildings and homes on the ground.

"Of course I have all my water, almost two gallons [per person per day] for drinking water and water for hygiene, too. I have non-perishable food, can foods. Some wipes too to clean up. I had to replace the batteries in my lantern."

Scott reminds every pet parent, like himself, to remember to prepare for them as well.

"Like little Chloe here, that they remain safe and have everything that they need. You want to make sure you have water for your pets also enough medicine and plenty of food," Scott said, clutching his beloved best friend.

And from dog to documents.

"You want to make sure you have your renter's insurance to cover everything that's inside plus your banking information and passport. Keep those documents in a plastic Ziplock bag. And then I just always have this fire proof box for my birth certificate, social security card, a bunch of stuff to grab and take with me."

Scott also has tips for taking projectile precautions out on the high-rise's balcony.

"You have to remember that anything that's going be on the patio can become a projectile. Any of this stuff can get picked up. This pot. You need to move everything inside; and that's part of what the condo tells us to do. Also if things are going bad, you can always go to the inside stairwell to ride out the storm there."

Rest assured, Scott and the rest of our team of meteorologists are keeping watch.

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