Man, 90, still displaced after tree crushes home during Irma

Oscar Adderly doesn't have insurance; neighbor can't afford deductable

By Christian De La Rosa - Reporter

MIAMI - Despite a claim filed with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, a man remains homeless even one month after Hurricane Irma.

"I ain't got nowhere else to go," said Oscar Adderly, 90, whose home of 50 years was crushed by a tree during last month's storm.

The tree still sits in the same spot after crashing through Adderly's bedroom and bathroom. Adderly's daughter, Lorraine Williams, said she filed a claim for him the day after the hurricane.

"It's hard for him," Williams said. "It's hard for him because he's used to his own place."

The Adderlys said they haven't heard back from FEMA. Wait times have been two to three hours, and every time Williams gets close, the phone line disconnects, she said. 

Adderly is in a tough predicament because he's without insurance.

The tree belongs to his neighbor, who is insured, but he can't afford the deductible. The family is desperate.

"It's crazy," Williams said. "It's ridiculous. It's sad. He's 90 years old."

Local 10 10 called FEMA. Adderly and his family were able to meet with FEMA officials Wednesday.
At last check, the family planned on arranging for someone to come out and cut the tree out of the house in the coming days. A FEMA adjuster is expected in about two weeks, relatives said.

FEMA officials said the delay was likely due to a paperwork issue.

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