Sewage odors seeps into powerless Edgewater neighborhood

Community has gone 4 days without power

By Todd Tongen - Anchor/Reporter

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - When Hurricane Irma made landfall, residents of the Edgewater community lost power fairly quickly.

They've now gone four days now without it.

Folks in the neighborhood are a hearty bunch, but waiting for power is beginning to take its toll.

While Florida Power & Light crews were spotted Wednesday on the other side of Interstate 95, those residents just east of it along State Road 84 said they haven't seen any crews working near them and the frustration is building.

They understand there were massive outages, but they said it is not unusual for them to be a forgotten neighborhood.

To add insult to injury, sewer pumps nearby don't have power and smelly waste water is filling their backyards.

"The result is that more than 48 hours with raw (sewage) coming out at the manhole right behind me and now I think there is a break because there is sewer (water) coming out of the pavement," Roland Salerno said.

Brenda Squires said she’s lost all her food due to the power outage.

"I lost all my food. I have nothing. No generator, nothing," she said.

Squires said she has lupus and is under treatment for breast cancer.

"The heat's really, you know, hard on me," she said. "Luckily, I got all my medications beforehand, but if anything happens, it will be tough."

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