Atlantic Ocean quiet as Michael, Leslie dissipate

By Bryan Norcross - Hurricane Specialist

MIAMI - Finally, the Atlantic is clear of organized tropical systems.

There is an area to watch midway between Africa and the eastern Caribbean islands.  It is unlikely to organize very much, however, because the upper-level winds ahead of it are fairly hostile.  In any case, it will bring a noticeable moisture surge to the northern coast of South America and the islands.  It will have no effect on South Florida.

Historically, October has been a busy month for hurricanes in South Florida.  Most storms that affect the region late in the season come out of the Caribbean, such as Hurricane Michael.  Nothing appears ready to develop this week, but remember that Wilma came through on Oct. 24, 2005, and in 1935 there was a hurricane in November. 

So don't eat your hurricane supplies yet.

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