Photos, videos show Michael's devastation along Panhandle

'Oh my God, what are we seeing?' one evacuee says

By Tim Swift - Digital Editor, Associated Press

With winds of 150 mph, Hurricane Michael tore through cities and towns as it made landfall along the Florida Panhandle Wednesday. Photos and videos from Panhandle show impassable roads covered in debris, damaged homes and businesses and areas under several feet of water.

It battered the coastline with sideways-blown rain, powerful gusts and crashing waves. It swamped streets, flattened trees, stripped away limbs and leaves, knocked out power, shredded awnings and sent shingles flying. Explosions apparently caused by blown transformers could be heard.

Instagram user Tessa Talarico filmed several videos from Mexico Beach, showing one home completely destroyed by the storm. The water is seen up to the roofline of many of the one-story buildings nearby.

One video from a hotel balcony in Panama City shows several downed trees. Several parts of the hotel's roof also appeared to be caved in.

In also Panama City, plywood and metal flew off the front of a Holiday Inn Express. Part of the awning fell and shattered the glass front door of the hotel, and the rest of the awning wound up on vehicles parked below it.

“Oh my God, what are we seeing?” said evacuee Rachel Franklin, her mouth hanging open.

The hotel swimming pool had whitecaps, and people’s ears popped because of the drop in barometric pressure. The roar from the hurricane sounded like an airplane taking off.

ABC World News Tonight Anchor David Muir was reporting from a hotel room in Panama City when the windows blew out. Video shows glass littering the floor of the room with the wind and rain still whipping outside.

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