Ricky Martin raises $3M of $10M goal for Puerto Rico

Area still recovering after Hurricane Maria hit weeks ago

By Louis Aguirre - Anchor/Reporter

MIAMI - Ricky Martin was one of the faces behind an Ocean Drive magazine party Tuesday night, but the event proved to be much more than just another glamorous soiree.
Martin is currently on a mission to raise money for people in his native Puerto Rico, and partygoers were asked for their generous contributions. Martin’s goal is to earn $10 million.
Thanks to fan support, so far, Martin’s foundation has raised nearly $3 million. Martin just returned from his second trip to the island in just one week, with FedEx donating the plane.
Martin packed the aircraft with 150,000 pounds of desperately needed relief supplies. Three weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, Martin said the need remains overwhelming.
"The images you see on TV don’t do it justice," Martin said. "People are really struggling."
"Despacito" singer Luis Fonsi, Latin pop star Cheyene and Gloria Emilio Estefan accompanied Martin last week on board a JetBlue flight that was also packed full with supplies. The stars were on the ground, personally distributing items to the people who needed them the most. They offered smiles, hugs and even a song. 
"We've received so much from the Puerto Rican people," the group said. "They're not alone."
And although President Donald Trump boasts that no one could have done what he’s done for Puerto Rico, Martin said you’d be surprised.
"I think more needs to be done and more can be done," Martin said. "(We're) talking about 4 million people with no power, no water, no gas. Nothing."

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