Several tropical disturbances in Atlantic to keep eye on this week

By Bryan Norcross - Hurricane Specialist

MIAMI - Three disturbances over the Atlantic bear watching this week. Dorian is technically no longer a tropical hurricane but is producing strong winds in eastern Canada.

A weak tropical disturbance loosely related to the tail of Tropical Storm Gabrielle is located just northeast of the Caribbean islands - moving in the general direction of Florida.  

When it’s forecast to be near the state late in the week, an upper low is also forecast to be in the area.

The combination should make development slow, if at all, as together they move across the state into the Gulf.  At the least, they will likely increase the rain chances late week.

Two disturbances on the other side of the Atlantic, one over the ocean and one just crossing the African coast, will move west this week toward the Caribbean islands.  

There appears to be an opportunity for one or both of them to organize a few to several days from now.  It is too early to speculate if they will be a threat.  

The first wouldn’t arrive at the islands until late in the week, if it makes it that far.  The second would get there about a week from now.  

Tropical Storm Gabrielle is in the middle of the Atlantic heading north.  Its remnants are forecast to impact the British Isles later this week.

What’s left of Dorian is still a strong weather system, but no longer tropical.  It’s a North Atlantic storm with winds of hurricane force.  Dorian will move past Atlantic Canada later Sunday.

Here is the Key Message from the National Hurricane Center on Dorian:

  1. Dorian will continue to have significant impacts in portions of eastern Canada today. Dangerous storm surge impacts are likely in portions of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, southwestern Newfoundland and eastern Nova Scotia.  Hurricane-force winds are still occurring in portions of eastern Nova Scotia and are spreading into western Newfoundland.  Refer to information from the Canadian Hurricane Centre for more information on these hazards.

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