Tropical Storm Leslie remains disorganized, but not for long

By Bryan Norcross - Hurricane Specialist

Tropical Storm Leslie is disorganized, but it’s still expected to strengthen. It’s drifting slowly well east of Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The storm is forecast to reach hurricane strength as it loops around the same patch of ocean well away from land. Eventually Leslie will move away into the North or East Atlantic.

Leslie’s large circulation will generate dangerous surf and rip currents on the U.S. East Coast and the north-facing sides of the Caribbean islands.

Relatively dry air pulled down on the west side of Leslie is still expected to arrive in South Florida midweek, which should bring a noticeable drop in humidity.

No other systems are expected to develop in the tropics this workweek. As we move into October, we will keep an eye on the western Caribbean. It appears that the upper-air pattern may become conducive for some sort of tropical development.

Hurricane Rosa in the Pacific is weakening as it heads for Baja California. It will bring a flooding threat to Arizona and the Desert Southwest early to midweek.

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