General info on bridges in Miami Dade/Broward and Monroe

Total number of bridges – 1409

534 older than 50 years

333 classified as “Functionally Obsolete”

36 classified as ”Structurally Deficient”


We will be profiling 5 of the worst, most traveled bridges - 3 in Miami Dade, 2 in Broward:

Miami Dade:  (pdf cover page of most recent inspection reports attached)

875101 – NE 123rd St. over the Intracoastal Waterway

875300 – Alhambra Circle over Coral Gables Canal

874663 – Miami Ave. SB over Miami River

Broward: (waiting for pdf of cover page of inspection reports)

BR 860063 – Broward Blvd over the North Fork New River

BR 864080 – SW 45th st (Orange Drive over Drainage Canal N-17)

(The plan to rehab/repair these bridges and the associated cost will be included in my scripts)



Total  number of bridges in Miami Dade and Monroe Counties (District 6)

     State Owned = 464 

Local owned (City or County) = 354

TOTAL = 818

Structurally Deficient/Functionally Obsolete

               STATE OWNED

   Structurally Deficient  = 3

  Functionally Obsolete = 118