Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of a woman who survived a Deerfield Beach standoff, during which, police say, her husband shot and killed a man, stabbed her and two of her sons and then killed himself.

Broward Sheriff's Office Detective Adam Rubin interviewed the surviving child, 8-year-old Samson, who was 7 at the time, from the child's hospital bed at Broward Health Medical Center in the early morning hours after incident.

Local 10 obtained the transcript of the interview, which is as follows:

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Who had the gun?

Child Victim: My dad.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Okay, and what did your dad do?

Child Victim: He shot him like one time or two.

Detective Adam Rubin: Do you know where he shot him.

Child Victim: Like in the neck.

Samson then said his dad called the police. He said his father told them the "people on the radio" are "going to eat me, they are going to cook me."

He then told Det. Rubin that his father "cut" him.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: How did you get the cuts?

Child Victim: By my dad, he didn't want us to get eaten. He wanted us to go to the sky with other angels and stuff he didn't want me to get eaten.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Did you watch him cut you?

Child Victim: Yeah.

The child told Det. Rubin his father closed his eyes when he started to stab him and his brother. He saw his father stab his older autistic brother in the back. Samson made a point to mention how his older brother Josiah can't speak.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: After your dad stabbed you and stabbed your brother?

Child Victim: Yeah, then he went for my mom.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: Then he went to your mom?

The child said his father stabbed his mother in the stomach.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: And what was your mom saying during all of this?

Child Victim: Nothing.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: She didn't say anything?

Child Victim: No.

BSO Detective Adam Rubin: You have other wounds all over your body. How did all those come from your father?