Broward County passed an ordinance aimed at preventing children from being left in hot vehicles.

The county ordinance requires all child care centers and family child care homes to install safety alarms in vehicles carrying six or more passengers. The ordinance goes into effect July 1, 2013.

Last week, Broward County also launched the "Look Before You Lock" campaign.

Heatstroke in vehicles is the leading cause of all non-crash-related fatalities involving children 14 years old and younger, according to the county.

There are several types of approved alarms. At Alphabetland in North Lauderdale, the driver must turn on the alarm in order to start the bus. When the trip is finished, the driver has to walk to the back of the bus to turn off the alarm.

For more information on the Vehicle Alarm Ordinance and on the “Look Before You Lock” campaign, call 211 or visit