A man accused of injecting cement and Fix-A-Flat into a woman's buttocks during a cosmetic procedure pleaded not guilty Thursday.

Oneal Morris, 32, of Hollywood, was arrested in November on charges of practicing medicine without a license. He was accused of injecting a substance consisting of cement, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil and superglue into a woman's buttocks, then sealed the incision with superglue.

Morris entered a written plea of not guilty Wednesday.

The Broward Sheriff's Office arrested Morris again last month after three Broward women made similar allegations about cosmetic injections. Each of the three women claimed she suffered medical problems after the injections.

Morris will return to court on June 29.

Corey Eubanks, who is accused of being Morris' partner in crime, was in Miami-Dade County court Thursday. A judge set a trial date for June 18.