A Broward Judge says there is no evidence a Hollywood man exposed himself, masturbated or tried to rape his neighbor's daughters.

Judge Michael Kaplan dismissed a temporary restraining order and refused to grant a permanent restraining order against Emerald Hills resident Grant Einhorn.

"This is nothing but revenge," said Sandra Einhorn, Grant's wife.

 "We are relieved it's over. There was and is no evidence. This is what the Kohn's do," added Einhorn.

Leah and Hannah Kohn had accused Einhorn of sexual misconduct and filed for the restraining order 14 months ago.

There have been several hearings in Broward County Court.

The Kohn's and Einhorn's live next to each other on North 51st Avenue in Emerald Hills Section of Hollywood.

"The point of today's hearing was to try to restrain someone from stalking and threatening to rape us," Hannah Kohn told Local 10.

A witness to the alleged incident says the Kohn's claims of sexual misconduct are absolutely false.

Even after the alleged incident of sexual misconduct, the Kohn daughters continued to pace and stand in front of the Einhorn house.

A Hollywood Police Officer testified and said she witnessed the Kohn daughters standing and staring at Einhorn's house.

"I was creeping along and they are still standing at his house," the officer said.

 "If they were scared of him and he allegedly tried to assault them, why would they stand in front of his house every day? said a neighbor who asked not to be identified.

The Einhorn's call it retaliation.

The chicken back story

The Kohn's have been in a battle with the Einhorn's and other neighbors since Sandra and Grant  Einhorn began to complain to the city of Hollywood about foul odors and constant noise.

The Kohn's had chickens and goats living in their back yard.

The city eventually placed liens on the Kohn's house and forced the family to remove the farm animals from the upscale residential neighborhood.

Since then, the Einhorn's claim, they have been the target of harassment and false accusations.

Sandra Einhorn told Local 10 the Kohn's have accused her and her husband of running a meth lab out of their home.

An investigator from the Florida Department of Children and Families showed up at the Einhorn house to investigate allegations their baby was addicted to methamphetamines, but nothing was found.

The Kohn's also filed a Housing and Urban Development complaint against the Einhorn's, claiming they were violation of Fair Housing Act.

Sandra Einhorn says the complaint was eventually withdrawn.

In the past, the Kohn's have told Local 10 their neighbors are anti-Semitic and they are being singled out because their religious beliefs and the way they dress.

Neighbors who didn't want to be identified, in fear of legal retaliation, say it's the Kohn's who are making up lies and stories and creating the chaos on North 51st Avenue and there is video evidence.