"The last time I actually really saw the baby was when the baby was about 4 months because he was getting big," said a woman who claimed to be a friend of Melvin's family.

The woman said Sierra and Melvin had a rocky relationship, adding that the child's mother had a short fuse.

The Broward Sheriff's Office discovered the boy was missing when deputies investigated an unrelated child neglect case on Wednesday. She noted three children should have been at the home but only found two.

Flournoy said there is no evidence Melvin and Sierra colluded to hurt the child. He said the two acted together after the child disappeared.

The Department of Children and Families said Sierra has two other children who were both placed into state custody on Thursday.

Custody hearing held for Sierra's siblings

A custody hearing was also held Monday for Sierra's four brothers and sisters.

"Things did not sit well with me. So you explain to me who should I go see to tell me that there are five days without children, foster children, with these grandparent. Who can explain that to me?" said Judge Kenneth Gillespie, Jr.

Gillespie was angry to learn authorities allowed Dontrell's grandparent's children to live in the same home as his parents. He refused to return Dontrell's grandparent's children to them, saying they were at risk.