Local 10's Baron James' exclusive interview with a boy who witnessed the shooting on the school bus that killed Lourdes Guzman.

James: Tell me how the gun was being passed around. What did you tell police happened that day on the bus?

Witness: I told police that I put the bullets inside of the gun. I did not pull the sting back. I did not add anything to it. I just put the bullets in it and I put safety and then Jordyn put the gun on his waist band and the other girl she took it from Jordyn, you know, she had it on her lap. I don’t know what she was doing. She was touching it.

James: Was this not Lourdes, but another girl?

Witness: Another girl.

James: How did the gun end up shooting Lourdes?

Witness: Because after that, Lourdes Guzman, she took the gun from her and she kept like messing around with the gun. She put it on her head.

James: Lourdes put the gun to her head?

Witness: Yes and she put it to her neck and then she pointed it at everyone and me and Jordyn kept saying, “Stop playing with the gun because it is dangerous and it has bullets in it.”

James: What did she do? What did she say?

Witness: She just kept playing with it. The last time I saw her do something, she put it to her head and then a little while after I looked down to my phone and I heard the blast. So I looked around -- I was checking to see if everyone was alright. I looked under my shirt.

James: You thought you had been shot?

Witness: Yeah. So then I heard screaming and it was Lourdes. So then I picked Lourdes from the floor and I sat her on the seat and after that…

James: She was still alive at this point?

Witness: She was still alive. She was screaming and she was panicking. I sat her on the seat and I was taking care of her while the bus driver and the other girl was calling the cops and then…and then…

James: Where was the gun at that point?

Witness: It was on the floor. She dropped it. And then after that, Jordyn Howe picked up the gun and put it in his book bag because he panicked. He was there looking at Lourdes for like a minute and then he walked out because he was scared looking at blood. He told me before. So after that, I went off the bus, and Jordyn was saying, “I told her to put the gun down. Now look, she shot herself.” He said something like that.

James: You’re telling me that Jordyn Howe did not shoot Lourdes? That Lourdes Guzman shot herself?

Witness: Yes.

James: Where was her little sister?

Witness: Her little sister was in the front. She was in the front of the bus playing with two other little girls.

James: So did she see all of this when it happened or after it happened?

Witness: After it happened.

James: So did you tell police exactly what you are telling me?

Witness: Yes.