James: And when you told police this story, what did they say to you?

Witness: The detective told me that if I don’t tell the truth, that he’s going to put me in jail for life and that he was going to give me time and Jordyn’s going to spend his whole life in jail that’s what he gets for taking the gun and he kept trying to blame me. He was pressuring me really bad.

James: And this is after you told him this story that you told me?

Witness: Yes.

James: So you're saying the police didn’t believe what you told them?

Witness: Yes.

James: So finally did you tell them something else? Or did you stick with your own story?

Witness: The detective was saying. you know, 'You gotta say this. You gotta say the truth. You gotta say that Jordyn shot her because that’s what really happened.'"

James: What did you say then?

Witness: I said no, that is not what really happened and then he said, 'Just say -- right now we are going to record you say something that has to do with Jordyn, you know, like shooting her or something.' So after that he made me say that Jordyn like after I put the bullets in it that Jordyn put -- ended down (inaudible) that he pulled the trigger that nothing happened and when he lifted it up with one hand, that he shot her in the neck."

James: That is what the police told you to say?

Witness: That’s what the detective said.

James: You told them that’s not what happened?

Witness: Yes.

James: When did you talk to police?

Witness: The day of the accident.

James: Like a few hours later?

Witness: Yes.

James: Because you were in custody all that time?

Witness: Yes.

James: You’ve also talked to the prosecutor?

Witness: Yes.

James: You’ve told the prosecutor the same story?

Witness: The same story I am telling you.

James: So when you read the newspaper and you see what they are saying, what are you thinking when you read that in the newspaper?