Witness: I was pretty upset because, you know, I told the prosecutor what happened and I told the detective. I was mad because they said that Jordyn shot her and then after they put his face on TV and I got really mad.

James: You were saying too that this was not the first time Jordyn brought the gun to school?

Witness: No, he had taken it weeks before that.

James: This wasn’t the first time that Lourdes had seen the gun?

Witness: No, she’s touched it before. She’s grabbed it she's played with it.

James: So you know it was wrong to bring the gun to school, right?

Witness: Yes, I feel really bad. You know we’re kids. We were being stupid for taking the gun and, you know, its kind of our fault for not saying anything about it.

James: You think Jordyn should be punished?

Witness: I mean yeah he’s done a lot in these couple of months. I’m pretty sure he’s felt a lot of things. He’s been in prison for a couple of hours. He’s been in juvenile center. I think he’s paid his time at least for taking the weapon.

James: Do you feel responsible at all?

Witness: I kind of do because I put the bullets in it and for not saying anything about it. For not telling police or teachers or anything about the gun.

James: One last question -- What do you think about how the police have treated this as far as your story. What do you think of how the police have treated what you’ve told them?

Witness: Uh, I’m pretty upset because they didn’t believe me. They didn’t bring it out with the judge. They did nothing about it. They just ignored it.