It was an exciting moment at the American Airlines Arena Friday night, after a fan gets tackled on the court by the king himself, LeBron James.

It was all after the fan, Michael Drysch, was selected to take a shot from half court, for a chance to win $75,000 dollars.

And he made it! Heat announcer Eric Reid called it a "half court hooker," and soon after, James playfully jumped on Drysch in celebration and the arena erupted in cheers. The two hit the floor in a bear hug.

"Wow, nice bonus. That was the greatest bonus in the world, it was absolutely worth it, wow, LeBron James! Nice to meet you, LeBron,"  Michael Drysch told Local 10 as he described the moment he got tackled.

It was all part of the Carmex challenge. Apart from Drysch taking home $75,000 dollars, the shot also raised money for the Boys and Girls Club.

After the money shot, James took to twitter. "How about my man Michael with the sky hook from half court for 75k large," tweeted LeBron James.

Drysch is from Illinois.

Tune in to Local 10 News at 10 a.m. to catch a live, in-studio interview with Drysch.

The Heat won the game against the Detroit Pistons, 110-88.