A Hollywood family has 10 days to get rid of their prized chickens and ducks.

Grant and Sandra Einhorn recently filed suit against their neighbors, the Kohn family, claiming the clucking of the Kohns' chickens and the quacking of their ducks wake them up and are a nuisance.

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On Monday, a Broward County judge agreed, ordering the Kohn family to get rid of the birds within 10 days.

"My first reaction is I'm not really surprised," Kohn said.

" We are excited and looking forward to some sleep," said Sandra Einhorn.

The ruling stated, "The Kohns' keeping of chickens, ducks and/or goats violates their neighbors' right to enjoy their own respective homes and back yards. Neighbors shouldn't have to worry about chickens coming into their yards."

"When they're nesting, you hear them scratching up," one neighbor recently said.

In court last week, chicken owner Steve Kohn said, "I did my best to be as accommodating as I possibly could to their requests, whether I thought the requests were reasonable or not."