A judge ruled Friday Munwar Toha is competent to stand trial for murdering his wife.

The judge made the decision after two doctors testified Toha, 65, understands what is happening and is faking his psychotic behavior.

The judge will sentence Toha on Wednesday, Jan. 16, for conspiring to kill witnesses in the case of his wife’s murder.

Toha’s attorney said in open court that he believes the evidence is stacked against his client and he advised Toha to accept a plea offer from the state. However, Toha has refused the offer, his attorney said. As a result, a trial date will be set next week.

Surya Toha’s body was found in the truck of her vehicle after it was pulled from Crystal Lake in Pompano Beach in April 2010. Toha reported her missing on March 24, 2010, and made a tearful public plea for help to find her.