The mayor of Miramar's water bill shows chronic delinquency, but her water has never been turned off.

Records show Lori Moseley went eight months without paying her water bill for her Silver Lakes neighborhood home.

"My family went through financial difficulties," said Moseley.

Despite exceeding the 29-day late limit several times, her water was never cut off.

Several residents accused Moseley of receiving special treatment.

"To my knowledge, I wasn't given special treatment," she said. "I didn't ask for special treatment. It's an embarrassing topic to me to start with."

Diane Robinson said her water was cut off by the city after she exceeded the 29-day late limit.

"A rule is a rule," said Robinson, "regardless [if you're the] mayor, president, whoever -- you don't pay your bill and it's 30 days and they turn off mine, I think it's only fair that her water should be turned off as well."

"You use the water, you have to pay for the water," said Victor Theoc. "If you don't pay, you have to cut it off."

Moseley's billing history shows that as of March, she hadn't been caught up with her water bill since Christmastime.