Genting said when it designed its luxury retail space, it made sure to pick brands and stores that didn't already exist at the mall in order not to compete. 

Looking around, one will notice that every piece of fabric, every sculpture, every hotel room reflects a level of elegance and sophistication Genting believes its clients demand. 

Even the public restrooms are pretty, adorned with nature motifs and upscale light fixtures. 

There's not a hotel room cheaper than $400 on the property.

 Each hotel at the property is unique, each designed by famed American architect Michael Graves. 

One of the hotels is named after him, a tribute to his work and aesthetic. Rates at Hotel Michael start at $500 for a deluxe room and go up to $1,000 for a deluxe suite. 

At Hotel Michael, the bathroom is awash in marble and includes a half-circle shower that is said to be a replica of the shower Graves designed for his own home. 

The wall along the bathtub has retractable doors that open into the living room. 

The rooms also feature space-saving furniture pieces, including a vanity table that folds away when not in use and extra desk space with just the pull of a handle. 

A burst of color from Miami's pop artist Romero Britto greets visitors at the lobby of the Festive Hotel. This one is geared specifically for families. 

Large orchid paintings adorn the ceiling of brightly colored rooms. There is also a loft area for kids, who also get their own welcome packet and kid-sized spa robe and slippers. 

The suites include an adjoining room with two twin beds, which could be used by the family's traveling caregiver. Rates start at $400 for a deluxe room and go up to $800 for a deluxe suite. 

The Hard Rock Hotel is everything one would think it would be, fun and edgy. A mix of darker colors, such as black and plum, is met with bursts of silver. The rooms have flare; the elevator is adorned with hanging crystals, and each floor showcases memorabilia from a famous artist. 

Rates at the Hard Rock start from $450 for a deluxe room and go up to $5,000 for a Rock Star Suite.

The rooms at Crockford's Tower are invitation only. Some guests get their very own butler to help fulfill any need, even draw visitors a bath. 

The bathroom's rainfall shower morphs into a steam room with just a touch of a button, and the mirror can double as a television, which is built in. The television only activates when turned on. 

The mansion suite at Crockford's includes about 2,000 square feet of living space.

High-rollers traveling with a family might opt to stay at one of the villas. They run up to $12,000 a night but include just about every luxury amenity imaginable, including a private message room and a private courtyard with a pool. 

There is also a separate living area for a nanny. That room comes with a twin bed, its own marble bathroom, a small courtyard and direct access to the villa's kitchen. 

There is also a convention center on the property. The crown jewel is the 65,000-square-foot column-less ballroom, which can fit more than 6,500 people in what the resort describes as "theater-style seating." 

The convention center also has built-in retractable walls, which quietly glide down to divide the space into three separate ballrooms. 

There are several pools on the property; one is expansive and includes sandy beaches and boardwalks.  It is this feature and the column-less style ballroom that Genting believes it may bring to Miami. 

Genting told Local 10 it partnered with local vendors. One row of its so-called Festive Walk features Singaporean restaurants and bakeries. 

The plans for Miami don't involve a theme park or attraction at quite the scale of what exists in Singapore. But Genting officials said it is their template in that the focus and feel is "family-friendly," it's upscale, they found ways to compliment not compete with nearby businesses and the casino is out of sight, out of mind. 

That was a point articulated by the Smith family from England. They have visited Sentosa Island before and had returned to take advantage of Universal Studios.