A South Florida man was arrested Thursday after he used liquid bleach to kill about $20,000 worth of bait fish at a competitor's bait shop.

Alexander Ramer, 25, of Lake Worth, faces a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Boynton Beach police said Gary Case, the owner of Dynamite Live Bait, found all of his fish dead in a bait pen behind his home May 31.

Case reviewed surveillance video and saw someone pouring two large buckets of a liquid into the pen.

This is the boat police say Gary Case sold to Alexander Ramer, which he then used to kill his rival's bait fish.

Police said Case recognized the man's boat because he once owned it and sold it to Ramer, a former neighbor who owned a rival bait company.

According to the police report, Ramer admitted to Case that he poured four gallons of liquid bleach into the bait pen to eliminate the competition.

Police also seized Ramer's boat Thursday at Phil Foster Park.