A Broward Sheriff's Office detention deputy is under investigation for her treatment of inmate who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Deputy Delia Daly-England has been removed from her position at the main jail and has had no contact with any inmates since the incident last year.

Lauren Militello, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and had sprained ankle, says she was grabbed by the neck, thrown to the ground and then dragged by her hair into a cell.

Militello was using crutches at the time of the incident.

Militello says once she was in the cell, she was beaten until she suffered a seizure.

Video obtained by Local 10 shows Daly-England grabbing Militello by the neck and dragging her by the hair.

"All of a sudden she just knocked me down and hit me," Militello told Local 10's Jeff Weinsier. "I didn't see it coming."

Militello says her encounter with Daly-England began in a secure area, outside the jail where inmates arrive. The area is known as the sally-port.

She says she was in so much pain from her MS, she sat on the ground as she waited to be booked for a violation of probation charge.

When Militello told the deputy she couldn't get up, that's when she says the deputy got angry.

"I was on crutches. I have MS. My ankle was sprained," Militello said.

In her report, Daly-England claims Militello turned toward her in a hostile manner and the two were face to face.

The deputy also wrote: "I grabbed the back of her neck to turn her forward. Militello lost her balance, which caused her to fall.".

But, Militello's Attorney says the video evidence shows that's not true.

"That's not proper police procedure in the 21st century," said Attorney Matthew Dietz. You wouldn't treat a dog like this. I see a hockey check in the video. I see someone get pushed up against the wall and falling down, then being dragged by her hair."

The Broward Sheriff's Office says they cannot comment because the Internal Affairs investigation is still active.

Local 10 has also learned the State Attorney's Office is also investigating to see if charges will be filed against the deputy.

Militello  plans to sue BSO

"She refused to get up. She has crutches, it's difficult. It's a matter of common sense," said Dietz.

Surveillance video