A Miami developer proposed a 1,000-foot tall tower behind Bayside, calling it "Miami's Eiffel Tower."

“It is going to allow Miami to assume its rightful place on the global map of world-class cities,”  said Jeff Berkowitz, the developer of Skyrise. "It is iconic."

The $300 to $400 hundred million tower was designed by well-known architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia.

Berkowitz has been working on the project for the past three years. Skyrise will include three observations decks, a world-class restaurant, a nightclub, and a ballroom.

It will also have high-flying attractions, such as sky plunge, an 800-foot vertical drop, as well as a 600-foot bungee cord, and a virtual flying theater.

The foundation of the tower will take nine months to build.

“I don’t think it is a pie in the sky. I have spent millions of dollars. I have committed to spend many millions more,” said Berkowitz.

Skyrise will be built on a small piece of land behind Bayside, which is owned by the city of Miami but leased by Bayside.

SkyRise Miami

Published On: Nov 21 2013 01:51:59 PM EST
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Skyrise will be the tallest structure on the eastern seaboard south of New York once finished by 2017.