Family member witnesses Miami-Dade home hit by overturned semi-truck

Man says 2 women injured inside home are OK, along with baby

IVES ESTATES, Fla - A man is speaking out after a semi-truck hauling Coca-Cola overturned and crashed into his family's house.

"It can all be replaced," said the family member who didn't want to be identified. "It's materialist things."

The man stopped by the now-boarded-up house Saturday afternoon to see for himself how his two loved ones, one of them pregnant, came face-to-face with a Coca-Cola truck when it overturned, slamming into the house Friday night.

"One lady looked through the window and saw the truck on two wheels coming down and told everybody to get away, get away," he said. "And soon as they said that, the truck smashed through the window."

Neighbors said several houses on the block were all shook up during the crash of the commotion on the corner of Ives Dairy Road and Northeast 15th Court in northeast Miami-Dade.

Nicholas Smith lives next door to the home.

"First, I thought it was an earthquake. It shook the house," said Smith. "I heard like boom. We came outside and saw the truck inside the house."

The Florida Highway Patrol and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue were on the scene after the semi first smashed into a red Mercedes, before hitting the house, spilling bottles of soda and 50 to 100 gallons of diesel fuel.

"Like, we smelled a whole bunch of gasoline," said Smith.

Multiple people were injured due to the incident, including the two women in the damaged house.

"There were four injuries, one somewhat serious and the other three minor injuries," said MDFR Chief Dan Guffey.

"I just came from the hospital to check on the family and everybody's OK for the most part," said the family member.

The man told Local 10's Baron James that the women had cuts and bruises and that the baby is fine.

"All the monitors say the baby's fine," he said.

Firefighters sprayed white foam on the truck and ground to prevent a fire or explosion. They then set up a temporary hot zone around the house to make sure it was safe, before the tow trucks rolled in to haul the semi-truck away.

The truck left a huge hole in the home, later boarded up and deemed by the county unsafe to live.

"We're all family, so they can either stay with me or they have other family they can stay with," said the family member. "To God be the glory we're all safe."

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