Out of sight and out of mind. After a few days of worrying about Tropical Storm Karen, people were outside and taking advantage of Saturday's great weather in Pensacola.

If you weren't on the beach soaking in the sun, you were out sailing on the bay. Restaurants and bars were breathing a bit of a sigh of relief.

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The weakened storm is sure to keep tourists from cutting their trip short or staying in their hotels.

Even the littlest of ones were happy the storm won't pack much of a punch to the area.

One could say Karen brought people together, as Mother Nature couldn't keep a couple from tying the knot on the beach. The wedding planner said it was touch and go for a while earlier in the week.

Karen's threat, however, did cancel a triathlon on the beach. Some 1,200 people were set to run 18 miles, bike another 3 and go for a 600-yard swim, which was nearly $120,000 in entry fees.