A South Florida business is working to put more flexibility in your fitness routine.

Stretch Zone is a type of manual stretch therapy that has been spreading throughout the nation.  This method utilizes carefully designed Stretch Zone tables equipped with adjustable belts, pads, and straps allowing for further extension of muscles than the body would normally allow.

Exercise physiologist and biology major, Jorden Gold, first saw the benefits of simple stretching when he tried it on his grandfather who could barely get out of bed.  He then devised a system to isolate and stretch muscles using adjustable straps.

“Think of your body like a seat belt.  If you pull too quickly or the motion isn’t right, the belt locks up,” says Gold.

He explains with the Stretch Zone method your muscles can be neurologically reprogrammed not to freeze or lock up.

Since first designing the program, Jorden has taught the method to trainers throughout the country.  Sixteen of those locations are based in South Florida.

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