A crowded bar at Brickell's Burger and Beer Joint had their eyes fixed on the TV when they realized the Heat had done it again!

Elsewhere, a sometimes shirtless parade of Heat fans traveled down a busy street in Westchester, celebrating the Miami Heat's back-to-back championships! Even Birdman was there; well, only in cardboard form.

It was a similar scene in Hialeah, where pots, pans, and homemade signs were held high. Fans were marching to the tune of car horns.

But the center of it all was the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami. Fans came far and wide just to get to where it all happened.

"We're the heat! We're number one, go Heat," a fan yelled.

Some fans just couldn't contain themselves, while others were literally floored by the excitement.

The Miami Heat's 2013 NBA Championship parade will take place Monday at 11 a.m. in Downtown Miami.