They watched and waited, and after nearly two hours the Town House apartments in Hollywood's Young Circle came crashing down.

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"It was pretty exciting after a long wait," said Vincenzo Stanzione.

The building, described as an eyesore, went down to make way for two new high-rises.

Those high rises will also include shoppes and restaurants all for a whopping 150 Million.

"It's going to bring an entire different group of people and really rejuvenate the area," said Bryan Liska.

The demolition took place without explosives.  Temporary supports instead were pulled from beneath the structure causing it to collapse on itself. 

"I was walking up Harrison street.  It was crazy, it was just coming right for me," said Mark Pelliccitti.

PHOTOS: Hollywood building demolition

Published On: Aug 02 2014 03:44:27 PM EDT

Click through photos to see the demolition of a 12-story apartment building in Hollywood.

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