A Sunrise man was arrested Monday after he punched a man who photographed him rummaging through the trash in a dumpster at their condominium, police said.

Laurence Levy faces charges of strong-armed robbery and battery on a person 65 or older.

Sunrise police said Levy got into an argument with Geoffrey Deneen, who was taking a photo of Levy to prove he was in the trash room.

According to the arrest report, Deneen told police that Levy had been court-ordered not to go through the dumpster at the Sunrise Lakes condominiums because Levy, who is on the board of the complex, is an admitted hoarder.

Police said Levy grabbed the camera out of Deneen's hands and punched him three times in the face before throwing the camera to the ground, breaking it.

According to the report, Levy admitted to punching Deneen because he kept "coming at" him.