Miami man rents out his decked out car

Truck owner: I decorate my car to make others happy

MIAMI - Every car has a story. But the story of a Miami's man Chevy Blazer is one of the more unique ones out there.

Every inch of it is covered with paint and toys and even a phone number, offering it up for rentals.

Call that number and you'll hear Jay on the other end of the line. He's the truck's owner who has fallen on some rough times in the last few years.

He told Local 10's Jason Martinez he suffered a stroke and recently lost his mother, but he continues to keep others' feelings at the center of his mind. He keeps his truck looking cool to make fellow drivers happy.

"I do this for all of you, to put a smile on your face everyday that I wake up. I can put a smile on you people's face. Makes me happy," he explained.

According to Jay, the car has been all over the world. While you see it on Miami's streets now, it's traveled to places like South America, Japan, and Hawaii.

He's constantly updating it, putting on new coats of paint and adding more random accents to its roof and sides. Depending on the angle you spot it from, you can see everything from shoes and stuffed animals to a rocking horse and an old mailbox.

But even with all of those items glued down, Jay assures Local 10, it's all street legal. He takes care to make sure everything is properly secured before he heads out on the streets.

On the back of his truck, Jay has painted his phone number. He says people hire him to show up at parties and events.

"I don't ask much. Whatever you can give me to help me along for the gas. That's all it takes."

If you want to hire Jay, call him at 786-587-2805.

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