After a 25 year partnership, Rick Diehl and Jorge Esteban married in New York last December.

"It was extraordinary because none of us imagined that it would happen in our lifetime," said Diehl.

But Diehl has faced a hurdle he's been unable to overcome.

"I made a decision long ago that when we get married, I would change my name. It's what people do," he said.

Despite a new Social Security card, proof of address, and New York marriage certificate, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles denied Diehl when he tried changing his name on his license.

"The manager handed me my paperwork and said we're not going to be able to provide you with a name change on your license," said Diehl.

"Because same sex marriage certificates are not recognized as valid in Florida, such a certificate from another state is not considered as a legal basis for a name change on a Florida driver license," spokesman John Lucas said in a statement Thursday.

Diehl is now considering legal action.

"I'll be one of those people who takes the legal channels and press on for what's right," he said.