A man accused of snatching a ring from a jewelry store at the Sawgrass Mills mall told a judge Thursday that someone else posted a picture of it on his Facebook page.

Maurice Blake was arrested earlier this month in connection with the theft at CR Jewelers.

Sunrise police said Blake posed as a customer, asked to see the 2.95 carat, white gold diamond ring and then ran out of the store with it.

Police said Blake, who was arrested in Miami-Dade County, posted two pictures of the ring on his Facebook page, including one that showed the ring's price tag.

But Blake indicated to Judge John Hurley that someone else posted those photos with his stolen phone.

"Mr. Hurley, my phone and my car were stolen," Blake told the judge. "I have a police report. I told them this."

Blake also claimed that was not him in the surveillance video.

That wasn't enough to convince Hurley, who revoked Blake's bond from a previous theft arrest.

Blake used profanity to voice his displeasure.

It certainly did not help his cause.

"Have a nice day, sir," Hurley said before dismissing Blake, who was then taken to jail.

Stolen ring on Facebook leads to suspect's arrest

Published On: Mar 19 2014 05:30:47 PM EDT

A ring stolen from a jewelry store at the Sawgrass Mills mall is posted on a man's Facebook page, leading to his arrest.

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Maurice Blake is accused of stealing a diamond ring from a jewelry store at the Sawgrass Mills mall.