The mayor of Hallandale Beach wanted to waive a $52,000 fine issued against Gulfstream Park for starting construction on its temporary barn too early.

Mayor Joy Cooper called the fine levied against Gulfstream Park, a contributor to her campaign, excessive.

"We're not talking about a $5,000 slap on the hand," she said Friday.

"They may be entitled to it, to have it waived, but there's a process," countered Commissioner Michelle Lazarow.

After Gulfstream Park officials met with Cooper, she went against her own staff.

"I would suggest waiving the penalty for them," she said during a city meeting on Sept. 25.

Cooper added that she didn't want any public discussion about it.

"I would suggest not to do it now in this public forum," she said.

When her idea was shot down, Cooper appeared flustered.

"Alright, I'll start from the beginning then. I will start from the beginning," she said.

No vote was taken.

"It's not particular to Gulfstream. It's any mom-and-pop shouldn't have the ability to call a member of this commission and bypass the process," said Lazarow.

The city commission is expected to settle the issue at an upcoming meeting. Gulfstream has since received the permitting, allowing it to build the barn.